About Chunke
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                          Chunke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd
                          The company's main products are: mining, lifting, coal preparation, crushing and grinding, cement, metallurgical steel rolling, environmental protection machinery, power generation equipment, high-power reducers, large castings and forgings, etc. It can provide major technical equipment for mining, building materials, metallurgy, non-ferrous, electric power, chemical, environmental, military and other industries, and can undertake complete engineering services. Leading products have independent intellectual property rights. The products cover most of the domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States, Australia, etc., occupying a large share of the domestic and foreign markets. It has a Class A Engineering Design Institute, namely Luoyang Mining Machinery Engineering Design and Research Institute, which is the largest comprehensive technology development and research institution for mining machinery in China.
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                          Four-strength guarantee
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                          • Strong corporate strength gives you confidence
                            A. With years of professional production and manufacturing experience B. Having a high-level R&D team that meets all customer customization solutions C. Having multiple independent research and development patents and national high-tech enterprises
                          • High quality products make you worry free
                            A. The company has passed LS09001 quality management system certification B. Having water related approval documents for drinking water hygiene, providing users with peace of mind C. Each product must be tested before leaving the factory and strictly inspected by the department
                          • A cost-effective price that captivates you
                            A. Real factory, direct sales from real manufacturers, saving costs for intermediaries, with prices 10% -15% lower than peers B. Stainless steel products are self-produced, and other accessories are supplied by decades of cooperative suppliers, with low costs and a free source of goods. There is no intermediate link, and affordable sales can save you money